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Nanjing Huajin magnetic materials Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sale of strong magnetic NdFeB, magnetic rods, magnetic racks and other magnetic products. Can produce a variety of shapes and sizes of the magnet according to customer requirements, such as packaging sheet, magnetic tile, magnetic toys, magnetic, magnetic ball, iron magnetic rod, magnetic hook, magnetic separator box; surface treatment: gold, silver, copper, nickel, nickel plated epoxy zinc plating, chromium, titanium (blue white zinc, black zinc, color zinc), above surface treatment reached the requirements of environmental protection.
The products are widely used in packaging, advertising printing, toys, electronic appliances, micro / brushless motor, permanent magnet magnetic therapy instrument, equipment, audio equipment, nuclear magnetic resonance, magnetic and magnetic separation equipment etc.. The company spirit of everything for the purpose of customer, the full range of the whole process to meet the customer's needs and desires, and with excellent products and reasonable price to the majority of users at home and abroad to provide magnetic products with various specifications and various shapes and properties.
Warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to negotiate calls, is willing to cooperate in good faith to achieve a win-win situation!
Nanjing Huajin magnetic material Co., Ltd.
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