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Development of magnetic materials market in China

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With the rapid development of information technology, how to adapt to the development of new application market is one of the most concerned topics in the field of magnetic materials. China's magnetic materials industry with abundant resources and labor advantages, as well as the huge domestic and international market support, from the insignificant industry has become the forefront of the world. Looking at the needs of the development of international and domestic markets, the market prospects of magnetic materials is very bright. However, faced with the adjustment of product structure, now the multimedia mobile phone, notebook computer, flat-panel TV, automotive electronics, lighting energy saving, the China magnetic material industry in the new development opportunities and challenges coexist period. With the development of information technology and the development of electronic products, new requirements for electronic devices and materials, such as miniaturization, high frequency, high performance, low loss, low noise, etc.. Some people say: "the past is the plug-in, now is the patch, the future is integrated". However, China's magnetic material products, whether in terms of technical performance, production equipment, product quality and pass rate, compared with foreign advanced technology, there is still a gap. We need to be aware of this and strive to improve material performance and product quality. The next 5-10 years, is the development of high-end products, and the gradual decline in low-grade products, if not catch up, China's magnetic materials products will lose the market.

According to the Ministry of information industry statistics, the current mobile phone users in China has more than 420 million households, but also to increase the rate of new users per month in the rapid growth of 5 million 480 thousand. In 2006 China's mobile phone sales reached 100 million, up to 125 million in China in 2010. China's annual production of 340 million mobile phones, accounting for 780 million of the total number of the world's top 40%; in addition, China is a big exporter of mobile phones, in 2005 exports of mobile phones in the 228 million, in 2006 will increase to 300 million. Now the function of the mobile phone is expanding, set the camera, MP3, MP4 and TV functions into one of the mainstream multimedia mobile phones. The next few years, China's 3G mobile phone development has become the focus of production will exceed GSM standard. Because of the increase of the function and the improvement of the technology, the performance of the magnetic material is higher. Magnetic materials must meet the requirements of high frequency, miniaturization, high density, low loss and electromagnetic interference.

Along with the electronic components in the notebook computer to improve the clock frequency and miniaturization application components must also be of high frequency, the corresponding chip, such as: 1, reduce the soft magnetic ferrite common mode filter, noise and power line between the 2, remove the chip beads filter, harmonic components make digital signal distortion noise the 3 noise shielding absorber, noise filter, 4, holding on the power line 5, DC-DC converter core, DC voltage required for the circuit of the DC voltage battery supply 6, LCD backlight source with high AC voltage DC-AC inverter, 7, to greatly reduce the magnetic loss, in order to achieve the ferrite core transformer low heating and energy saving 8 computer, HDD/DVD/FDD driver, GMR head, voice coil motor magnet, spindle motor and optical pickup motor magnet. 9, IEEE1394/USB interface anti-interference chip magnetic beads, common mode filter core. 10, it is mainly used for the magnet of the sound device and the fan motor.

Color TV in China's consumer electronics products has been the dominant position, the global output of around 170 million units, to reach 200 million units in 2010, China's output in, will be more than 100 million units by the year of 2010. The future development of high resolution, large screen and digital transition, flat-panel TVs will account for about 60%. This is more stringent requirements of the magnetic material products: (1) high frequency, ferrite core requires high operating frequency. (2) high definition, power transformer power stability, low power loss, saturation magnetization. (3) the image is stable, the color is bright, and it needs to use the high permeability material and the anti electromagnetic interference soft magnetic core and the high performance focusing piece. (4) with the development of digital technology, the requirement of power loss, permeability and frequency of soft magnetic materials is higher than that of simulation. (5) the requirements of the International Energy Agency to reduce the standby power of color TV sets to 1 watts, and put forward new requirements for low loss power ferrite materials. From the future development of the color TV market, high-end soft magnetic ferrite will account for 80% of the total.

Automobile industry. China's automobile production in 2006 is expected to 6 million 400 thousand in 2010 to an increase of 10 million, becoming the world's third largest producer. Now each car with ferrite permanent magnet motor about 41, the future of the car to miniaturization, lightweight development, some of which will be replaced by NdFeB magnets. With the wide use of high intensity discharge lighting and automotive power supply to 42 volts, so the wide temperature, high frequency, low loss ferrite soft magnetic DC-DC applications in the rapid increase. Especially for electric and hybrid vehicles to the rapid development of domestic and foreign automobile enterprises strive to overcome high power drive and high efficiency motors, TOYOTA has successfully developed the practical Prius (PRIUS), magnet international car market is basically no share of the domestic market in China, most rely on imports. Hybrid electric vehicles are mainly used in magnetic materials, such as electric DC to DC converter. High power can be provided by parallel internal converter. LED display: since its inception, organic light-emitting displays have been used for long service life, high definition and low energy consumption as its basic characteristics, bringing the new application of power core. iron
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