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Supply and demand of iron oxide in China

Posttime:2017-3-28 11:15:23Read:
The total output of the former Mn-Zn ferrite is about 230000 tons, the removal of foreign enterprises of 58700 tons, the actual domestic production of about 171300 tons, about Fe2O3 tons. It is estimated that the domestic Fe2O3 can be used for Mn-Zn ferrite production of about 80000 tons, the gap of about 40000 tons, must be imported from abroad. The current overseas suppliers are mainly JFE, EG, DONGBU, Thyssen-krupp in Germany and China's Taiwan Province, etc.. In addition, foreign companies need about 42000 tons, so the Chinese market needs to import high purity Fe2O3 volume of more than 80000 tons, which has caused great pressure on the Fe2O3 market, showing a shortage situation.

Our country has built or planned acid regeneration production line technology are from ANDRITZ, and most of them with the exception of the Si device, but with foreign similar Fe2O3 material compared to made Fe2O3 in impurity content, especially in the physical indicators are less. The main reason lies in:

1) China's steel production line are attached to the regeneration of acid production line of the cold rolling mill, and the main products are steel cold rolling line, the main focus on the steel, because only steel production, quality is the assessment of their hard index. And its products are not very important, but also do not want to invest more in the by-product of financial and human resources, or to take more technical measures.

2) management personnel and technical personnel in China steel production line acid regeneration is not too understand the technical requirements of Fe2O3 ferrite and its significance, they do not understand, even if it is 100ppm or 10ppm impurities will affect the performance of soft ferrite materials.

3) China's steel production line of heavy acid regeneration management personnel and technical personnel have not yet fully grasp how the impurity content adjustment, control technology to control the Fe2O3 products and the relevant physical parameters, such as liquid pH control, flocculating agent dosage, sedimentation velocity, sintering temperature control tower control and so on.

4) so far there may not have a line with a water washing device, so ultra pure Fe2O3 is difficult to make, so high conductivity (I + 10000) materials used in the next period of time Fe2O3 may also need to rely on imports.
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